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The Cash Plus network of franchised family financial service centers helps millions of families across North America.

Cash Plus stores offer check cashing, payday advance loans, wire transfers, money orders and other convenience services to one of the fastest growing customer segments in America. More importantly, we deliver these services in our own way...a better way.

Some examples include our trademark "Kings & Queens" customer service, our Cashaway Sweepstakes™ customer reward program, and BravoKids®, our way of helping kids who really need help. But those are just a few highlights. There's more, of course. We invite you to click around our website and get the details.

Here are some basic facts about the Cash Plus franchise.


There are two basic ways you can become a Cash Plus franchisee: our Single Unit Program and our Area Development program. Area Developers have the option of opening additional stores in specific areas. A significant number of our franchisees have opened multiple stores.


Cash Plus family financial centers deliver a mix of services that includes check cashing, payday advance loans, money orders, wire transfers and more. Our marketing machine pulls customers in and our “Kings & Queens” service keeps them coming back.


Our customers are men and women of all ages with annual incomes that range to $70,000 and beyond. They're ethnically diverse folks who are trying to capture their piece of the American dream. Most have steady jobs and are supporting families. A good many are what we call “not quite enough” customers; part of the 55% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. Our business is to make the financial lives of these 155 million Americans a little easier and more convenient.


What does it cost to open a Cash Plus franchise store? The total investment required typically falls in the $175,200 to $244,200 range for a single store. Can you make money? You probably know the rules by now: by law, we can't show you financial projections. Know this, however: if you qualify, you’ll learn a lot more about the business at our Discovery Day. And you'll have plenty of opportunities to talk to our franchisees about their own experiences.

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